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Testimonials for Try A Robot

"I can still be at work when I'm in my home office. The Double robot is just like being there. I can meet with my team for either scheduled or impromptu meetings. I'm making much better use of my time than being stuck in traffic and it gives me more control over my schedule. It is truly a mobile, interactive solution unlike anything our company has tried before."

Alan Boris, VP of IT My Alarm Center

"My son and partner in business asked that I spend more time at the office. The only problem was that I now live in Florida and the company is in Pennsylvania. With the double I am fully engaged and can move around freely helping him run the company. I would never be without my double."

Richard Zakroff, CashInMyBag.com

"I have recently become confined to a wheel chair and can no longer easily attend events where I am needed. TryARobot simply shipped the double where I needed to be and the result is fantastic. I fully interact and I have complete mobility. Life is better with a double. They taught me how to drive, which was really easy, and I rent it when I need it for an event."

Marsha Hoffman