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Telepresence Robots for Business

Case Study: LinkedIn
Austin, Texas to Sunnyvale, California

Telepresence Robots help organizations cost-effectively manage remote teams in various locations. Telepresence Robots increase productivity and team participation. Executives, managers, key employees and consultants can attend meetings without the associated down-time, inconvenience and cost of travel. Telepresence Robots are a game changer for remote workers. Traditional teleconferencing presents problems with scheduling a call or asking someone to set up a laptop for video chat.



Case Study: Ensighten - May 18, 2015 - Seattle, Washington

Telepresence Robots offer remote workers and the workplace to be truly connected. Remote workers are free to travel around the workplace to collaborate with team members and to keep an eye on the operation.



Case Study: Portalarium - New York to Austin, Texas

Virtual Tours, Security, and Inspections are also good uses Telepresence Robots.

Case Study: Koupah - New York City is a full-service Telepresence Robotics provider. We set up and deliver fully optimized telepresence robots that are ready to roll. offers short term rentals for office robotics.