New New Free Trial and More -
Rent Your Robot Now!

New New Free Trial and More


Get Started With A Free Test Drive & Tutorial

Of course, you’ve never had a telepresence robot and want to see it in action and confirm how it can work for you. We are going to make that so! In minutes you will be driving a Double or operating a Kubi from your chair, wherever that may be, at a facility we provide along with a helper. You may choose to operate the Double using your Ipad, Iphone or desktop, or, all three. Simple! Complete form below to schedule.

You Decided You Want It? Simply Rent It!

We recommend a 1 year rental. After a year, we may have something better to offer you, as we stay up on the latest and greatest, and you will already be comfortable with the easy operations and the way it has changed your life.

Added Comfort

If for any reason during the first 30 days of rental, you feel as though you would like to cancel the rental, simply do so and only pay for the month. We know it won’t happen (see terms).

We Ship The Robot, And Get You Set Up!

Simply receive the unit and unbox. We will make sure you are ready to go on your end. You will be driving from anywhere in just a few minutes.

It’s that simple.

TryARobot is pleased to introduce you to the future of telepresence with our great trial program. You know we must be confident that this will be a game changer for you.

During the course of the rental, your account is billed monthly. Please review our Terms & Conditions.

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