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New Meet the Kubi

The Kubi


Connect Like Never Before

Kubi makes video calls easier and more engaging by turning tablets into web controlled telepresence robots that pan and tilt, letting you interact with people face to face.

Many Valuable Uses

Kubi has many uses in telemedicine, education and in business from home care, to remote learning, to virtual receptionists. Kubi works with any video conferencing service, or use ours.

How Will You Engage?

With a Kubi you will be part of the action, not a by-stander. You will be able to direct your attention to anyone or anything happening while being able to turn 360 degrees. Pan and Tilt as you desire. Imagine a remote client wants to attend a meeting in your conference room, should they call in and be on a wall screen, or, should they be able to interact and address anyone speaking and be part of it.

You have to experience it to appreciate the benefits. Rent it and try!

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