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Q. How does the free test drive work?
A. You simply schedule a test drive and we will make it happen! Test drives are available Monday through Friday between 9AM and 5PM Eastern time.  Prior to your appointment we will set you up with the necessary access to control the Double or Kubi.  There is no obligation.

Q. How long is the free test drive and tutorial?
A. Put aside a half hour to drive it, get a feel for it and ask questions.

Q. How does the Double save me money?
A. After you place a Double robot at a location, you will rarely need to travel to that location in person again.  This represents a huge savings in time and money.

Q. How do I know the robot will be easy to use?
A. We will give you a tutorial and let you remotely test drive the robot in our facility from your location. By the time your robot arrives, you will feel comfortable with its operation.

Q. What platform can I use to drive the robot?
A. You can drive from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch app or from a desktop using the Chrome web browser.

Q. Can the Double and Kubi have more than one operator?
A. Yes, many people can be using the same piece equipment, just not at the same time. Keep as many units at your location(s) as needed for multiple simultaneous telepresence visitors.

Q. Does Double and Kubi come with an iPad?
A. Yes, paired and ready to go.

Q. How does the rental work?
A. If you see yourself using it on an ongoing basis, then rent it longer term.  If you are renting it for a short-term project, then a one or three month rental might be advisable.  Your credit card on file will be billed monthly.

Q. On what date does the rental begin?
A. The rental period begins on the date your equipment ships.

Q. What if I decide I can’t really use it? Can I cancel the rental?
A. You may cancel any rental within the first thirty days and only pay for the first month. (see terms

Q. What if it the Double or Kubi stops working?
A. If your Double or Kubi malfunction, simply ship it back to us and we will quickly send you a replacement. 

Q. Should I retain the original shipping box?
A. Yes, if an item has to come back to TryARobot for any reason, it is best to use this packaging.

Q. Will you ship to any location where I want the Double or Kubi?
A. Yes, anywhere within the continental US.
Q. Can I buy the equipment at the end of the rental period?
A. Yes, 50% of all rental fees may be applied to the purchase based upon the MSRPs.

Q. Is the video encrypted?
A. Yes. The Double app uses the WebRTC 128-bit AES encrypted video standard via OpenTok.

Q. How long does the Double battery last?
A. The internal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides up to eight hours of normal use.

Q. How do I charge the battery and how quickly does it charge?
A. Double recharges to full capacity in about 2 hours with the provided AC to DC wall adapter.

Q. How much does Double weigh?
A. Approximately 15 lbs (7kg), including the weight of the iPad. It is very easy to pick up and move around if needed.

Q. How tall or short can I make Double?
A. You can remotely command Double to hold the iPad anywhere between 47" and 60" tall (approximately 120cm to 150cm).

Q. Does Double and Kubi work over a cellular connection?
A. Yes, Double and Kubi work great over cellular/4G/LTE, as long as you have decent reception. It's common to use a cellular connection in crowded venues such as conferences and trade shows, where WIFI is unreliable.  Speak to our representative for information about cellular options.

Q. Do you do custom promotions for trade shows and special events?
A. Yes. Our robots attract a lot of attention for their futuristic look and feel. We can customize and deploy them according to your needs, including illuminated signage and professional operators.  We can also deploy multiple custom robots at one time.