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Review Roundup: What People Are Saying About the Double

Review Roundup: What People Are Saying About the Double

June 30, 2016

Telepresence robots are an emerging technology, but that doesn’t mean people haven’t already taken note of them. Many early adopters in the tech world have tried out the leading telepresence robot, the Double Robotics Double, and have given their thoughts on the future of this industry. See for yourself what people have been saying about the Double.

Smooth Setup, Smooth Sailing
Roman Loyola’s Macworld review of the Double covers all the basics of the telepresence robot, with the main takeaway being that despite its newness (and cuteness), the Double is easy-to-use and makes telecommuting a much more inclusive experience for office workers.

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Thinking Outside the Box With Telepresence Robots

Thinking Outside the Box With Telepresence Robots

June 20, 2016

When you think of a telepresence robot, where do you imagine it? You probably see it in a dreary grey office or a clean, white-walled hospital. And you wouldn’t be wrong: this is where telepresence robots are rolling out in the highest numbers.

However, that’s not the whole story. Although telepresence robots have already been making worthy additions to workplaces and healthcare establishments, there are many more uses for the robots than they’ve been marketed for. In fact, some people have already been using telepresence robots for some very interesting reasons. Some of them are life-saving, some of them are entertaining, but all of them are very exciting for the telepresence industry.

Caring for the Elderly

While it’s known that telepresence robots will be able to play an increasing role in the healthcare industry, we tend to think of these robots being used in hospitals. However, to limit telepresence robots’ activities to just hospitals also would be to limit their full potential. Instead of bringing robots to the hospital, what if we bring the hospital to the patient – via telepresence robot?

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What You Should Expect When You Use a Telepresence Robot

June 03, 2016

Buying or renting a telepresence robot is an exciting experience. You’re on the ground floor of an innovative new technology and you probably can’t wait to get started with your robot. But while you’re busying imagining how you’ll be able to use your bot in daily life, there are a few things you’ll want to know as a newbie telepresence robot user. 

You’ll Need Some Practice

People who’ve spent time with telepresence robots have noted how easy it is to get them up and running. The robots are simple to control, just as easy as moving a video game character around. And while robots tend to have a hard time with uneven surfaces and doors, as technology improves, steering and coordination should only become easier.

Moving the telepresence robot around isn’t the only way that you’ll need to learn the ropes, though. Keep in mind that this is a new medium for communication. Just like you had to “relearn” how to communicate using instant messaging and even video conferencing, you’ll need to get used to teleconferencing while simultaneously having the freedom to move. You might need a day or two to retrain your mind to think in a way that best communicates using a telepresence robot.

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The Benefits of Renting Versus Buying a Robot

May 24, 2016

New technologies are exciting, but they’re almost always costly. Even though you can expect costs to come down over time, if you want to be an early adopter, you’ll have to pay the price. That is, unless you rent.
The telepresence robot is a dramatic new technology that promises disruptive breakthroughs in many different fields. But it’s also an expensive piece of equipment. Whether you or your organization just want to try one out or you’re seriously looking to incorporate one into your workflow, renting can be better than buying for a few reasons.

It’s Needed for a Limited-Time Event
There are a few scenarios in which you might be a telepresence robot for a short period of time. If you work in education, you might only need the robot for a field trip, a guest lecturer, summer classes, or if a student has fallen ill or been hospitalized and still wants to participate in class. In business, you might need a robot to oversee a project–rather than flying a manager out to another branch one every year, it could be cheaper to hire a robot.

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Why Telepresence Robots Are Better Than Video Conferencing

May 18, 2016

Video conferencing hasn’t replaced the traditional phone call, but it still outshines the older medium because it gives us more options. By providing us with a visual component, we can pick up on the other person’s body language, making for a more human experience. Phone calls have their time and place, but a video call usually makes better work of it.

Video conferencing has its downsides, too. It’s just the best available option we’ve had until now. Just as video conferencing gave us benefits to speaking over the phone, telepresence robots provide new dimensions to conversations that aren’t possible by video chat. So, it’s understandable that there are a few ways communicating by telepresence robot is superior to video conferencing.

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3 Ways a Telepresence Robot Can Save Your Business Money

May 12, 2016

Who doesn’t like to save bit of money? Whether you head up a small team or you’re part of a large organization, nobody wants to spend more than they need to. And despite technologies providing new ways for your business to save, there will always be costs you can’t avoid.

Telepresence robots help you save on some of those previously unavoidable costs. While each organization is going to have different needs, we can already anticipate some exciting ways these new devices will help businesses cut costs.

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How Telepresence Robots Will Change Education As We Know It

May 03, 2016

Technology is becoming less expensive and more competent, giving educators and students more ways than ever to connect and learn about the world around them. But there are still limits to what modern technology is capable of. Computers, smartphones, and tablets can only do so much.

That’s why the idea of a new medium for learning is so exciting: It opens up a new range of opportunities previously unachievable. While the telepresence industry is still in its relative infancy, there are some exciting ways that robots will be able to change education as we know it.

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Using Branded Telepresence Robots for Promotional Events

March 08, 2016

TryARobot has developed a fully customized and branded robot solution for special events and promotional use. We have created an illuminated cylindrical "ad wrap" system that fits on the Double Robot which is manufactured by Double Robotics. The Double Robot is one of the leading telepresence robots being manufactured today. TryARobot takes your custom artwork and turns it into a striking high tech experience. While the robot interacts with guests at your special event, your illuminated logo makes a lasting impression. A robot presence can be utilized in many different ways...

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